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Commitment to Innovation

Our company understands the technology and medicine in the health care industry is consistently progressing. Our team of experienced professionals stay current about the latest drug trends.

Drug Development and Testing

Our team is constantly keeping up with medical trends and technology and strive to find better ways to improve the health of our patients in an ever-changing industry.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Other drug developers will work with us to support clinical trials. We maintain the highest level safety when it comes to testing, manufacturing and transferring of products.

About Us


Neolina PCD pharma franchise company | Neolina Pharmaceuticals

 Neolina Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company based in Pan India which handles a wide range of products such as tablets, capsules, soft-gel capsules, ointments, drops, creams, gels, syrups, dry solutions, injectables, oils, protein powders, etc.We are a leader in offering the finest medical services available to anyone at an affordable price.
We have made a successful impact in all facets of India's pharmaceutical sector with a pioneer with over 16 years' experience in Pharma Marketing. Our high-quality portfolio of all drugs has contributed to many good lives. With PCD's pharma franchising market potential at India level, we are expanding our pharmaceutical business.

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Unique Features Offered

Fastest service

We have corporate tie ups with fastest service providers enabling us to provide faster and economical services for pan India Distribution.

Live Order tracking

Live Track your orders. With this unique Live Tracking Functionality you can stay aware of your goods in the most easy manner

Unique Packging

We Offers Unique & Conceptual Designing of our products which helps us to compete market competition. Moreover brands are registered which ensure brand is never copied by other companies.

Same Day Dispatch

We at Neolina strive to provide you with the best possible service standards. All orders are dispatched within 24 Hours and can be Tracked Live.

Happy Clients Says About Us

Make your dream with us

Neolina Pharmaceutical Company in India is a developing, manufacturing, and selling PCD Pharmaceuticals company dedicated to improving access to quality healthcare by developing affordable pharmaceuticals in India.

“ Quality Products ”

Best Pharmaceutical Company in Panchkula. Good quality products and fast service. All work and products are verified with WHO-GMP.



“ Support during difficult times ”

I was struck with the proactivity and determination to do something that every Neolina Pharma team I have worked with has shown. My experience with Neolina Pharma was definitely good. The business we are focusing on at the moment in particular is a high - quality one.


East Madinapur

“ Best Quality and Service during Covid situation ”

After Covid-19 started, I lost my job. But from a new start, i was prepared to starta new business. To sit on my chair as a boss. But funding was a issue for me. Then i get to know about Neolina Pharmaceuticals. and PCD Pharma Franchises. I was impressed by their team. And now i am a name in the market for Pharmacy. Thanks, Neolina.

Deepak Raina


“ Cooperative and Helpful Staff ”

I am from west bengal and dealing with 4-5 different franchises in my past experience. But to be honesti have not seen this much of growth which i saw with PCD Pharma Franchises with Neolina Pharmaceuticals.


South 24 Pragnas

“ Third Party Manufacturing ”

#1 PCD Pharma Franchises Company and 3rd Party Manufacturing company in Bihar and UP. When I started my business I was not getting many customers, but in a few weeks, I got four-time more customers than previous days.



“ PCD Pharma Franchise ”

When i think of expanding my business from a small pharmacy shop to a pharmacy franchises. Neoilina Pharmaceuticals help me very much.They gave me every possible help to manage as a PCD Pharma Franchise Partner.


What are essential activities of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Quality Management ?

1. The quality, power, lead time & legal regulation of the sellers evaluate
2. Identify alternative suppliers of the same commodity where alternative suppliers cannot meet a mediator-involving supplier
3. Establish packaging & shipping protocols with respect to contaminants & hazardous sources
4. FEFO First Expiration First Expire First Out
5. Power test before approving each lot

Who owns the responsibility of product marketing?

The franchise is responsible for selling and promoting the goods. The pharmaceutical firm offers publicity assistance and promotional content. It is a function of the contract.

Likewise, it is also the franchise that is responsible for promotion and distribution. To educate the employees, the pharmacy firm sends a medical agent.

How much money is required to setup a franchise model? Does it need space for warehouse or depot?

Factors such as number of products to be sold, product forms, batch sizes, molecules and so on are deciding the money you need to start a franchise company.

A small franchise with a volume of 50K rupees will normally launch. Most are spent on the purchase of merchandise and promotions.

As such, a store, warehouse or depot is not needed. It relies on the pharmaceutical company's terms and conditions.

How to calculate the net price, MRP, or Trade Rate?

You must take caution when setting net prices, trade rates and MRP because they influence the profitability of your market.

Ask an advisor if you don't have the money.

What are the documents required?

The documentation to be issued with a pharmaceutical franchise are needed.

  • Drug license copy (wholesaler/retailer)
  • GST copy issued by govt.
  • Transport Road Permit (if applicable)

What is main benefit of pharma Franchise ?

Unlike other companies, one of the great benefits of a pharmaceutical franchise is that it involves low risk. Like other companies, the Pharma Franchise doesn't need enormous funding. If you do not have sufficient resources, but want to start your own company, the best choice for you is to have a PCD Pharma franchise. The risk involved in it is very low because of less investment of money.


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From early growth, through large-scale industrial production and packaging, we provide our customer full integrated contract manufacturing and development solutions. Neolina is the ideal business partner for the pharmaceutical industry.

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